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StoreWALL: Superior Slatwall Storage Solutions Since 1997

At StoreWALL Canada, we import and sell premium wall-mounted slatwall storage solutions for home and business. Our complete line of products provides everything you need to efficiently organize and store items in home and commercial spaces.

Our products are available for purchase online, through our network of Canadian and North American distributors and dealers and at our showroom in Calgary, Alberta Canada. With the support of the manufacturing company Storewall Inc. we have set up two distribution center in Canada to service our vast country from coast to coast. Our experienced and friendly staff have vast storage and organizational experience and are here to help develop a solution for your storage and organizational needs whether you are looking for a specific hook or looking to reclaim the floor of your storage area, garage, mud room, pantry, shed or mechanical room. The key to happy living is organization and we are here to assist every step of the way.

Simply the best Slatwall Storage Solutions available

Ask anyone in the storage business and they will tell you straight up, StoreWALL slatwall storage solutions are the best products available on the continent, Strong durable, easy to install panels carry higher load capacities than any of our competitors, giving you peace of mind that you valuable items will not be on the floor, or worse, on the hood of your car the next time you venture out into the garage, We have developed hooks that meet the needs of everyday Canadians because we use our garages too, and we know what other Canadians need in their homes and storage spaces. All the StoreWALL accessories come with the exclusive CamLok systems to lock your accessories securely into the panels. This Chrome plated solid metal CamLok gives you the advantage of safety, security and protection. A simple twist holds the accessory securely in place, offering superior performance. We have all used peg boards in the past and there is nothing more frustrating than removing an items from the wall, only to have the beg board accessory come off the wall with your item!

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