I found the StoreWALL very easy to place where I wanted it. It was a very simple process, I had my daughter hold it in place while I placed it on the wall. It only took me about 5 to 10 minutes to have it right where I wanted it.

Men and women will love the way the StoreWALL looks and how easy it is to put together. I have found myself thinking about all the places that I want to place the StoreWALL.

Mom’s Paradise blog

The ideas that StoreWall has are endless. You could have a very organized home with a few simple tricks and tips.

Coupon Savings in the South

StoreWALL is a premium garage storage solution and I have used it for many years.I recently ordered some additional items and needless to say, their service was prompt and outstanding.Ihave no hesitation in recommending this product.The icing on the cake is the personalized service provided by Mike Wright which exceeded all expectations.

Tej Jhajj

Mike was a huge help to us as we sorted out our garage and figured out a place to put the Thule! He was super response, bringing product multiple times, and was patient, professional and thorough. Don’t waste time on anyone else!

Kerri McGovern

WOW, old fashioned, friendly professional customer service! Thanks Mike for all your help with my StoreWALL Garage Paneling and organization project. I have all my yard tools and implements stored neatly, off the ground and out of the way. My wife loves it too because we have created more room in the garage so she can park indoors which she loves, especially when it’s cold out. Great Job!

John Chisholm

Thank you Mike for your amazing customer service, awesome quality products and helping us at Calm Order support my clients in obtaining the best options for their garage organizing needs.I highly recommend you to anyone!

Calm Order

I wanted to outfit my garage with slatwall to organize my racing equipment. When I compared StoreWALL to what they offered at the big box stores, there was literally no comparison. StoreWALL is far superior to any other slatwall on the market. In addition, the locking accessories are spectacular. They stay in place when I remove my tools which is fantastic! Thanks

Demon Tweak

Great product. Does exactly as you would expect. Service is top shelf. In example, Mike came by the shop the other day and noticed my work bench was cluttered with cans and lubricants. Next day, who shows up but none other than Mike, he had a few things in his hands and places them on my desk. A Storwall lubricant / can shelf, paper towel dispenser and a hook. Now I didn’t order these, he saw I had a need, took the initiative to drop them off to see if they would help me unclutter the work bench. He says, “try them out, if you like them pay me if not he would pick them up”.SOLD! They installed quickly on the Storewall, worked great and yes, the work bench is now a little more organized :). That’s just one example, he is also very fussy and does excellent install and offers great service. And I know fussy, if you’re looking for quality product to,organize your shop, garage, work bench, give them a call. I am sure you will NOT be disappointed with service, the quality of the product and the price. HOME RUN Mike, thanks again.

Blair Robertshaw

Customer service beyond expectations!Top quality products with great service.If you’re looking to organize your garage, Storewall Canada will deliver.

Astrid Wolf

MIke is a great guy and is extremely knowledgeable , I have my shop covered in storewall now and love it ! I checked out the competitors and there’s really nothing comparable !Thanks again Mike !

Collector Cars

StoreWall products are absolutely amazing! We are so happy with our new set up. Finally a place for all our tools, ski equipment and Thule box. I’m amazed how much space we gained and how great the garage looks.
Thanks Mike for all the reccomendations and for all the personal touches. We will be reccomending your products to all of our family, friends and clients!

Sandra Macedo