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PLEASE NOTE: Heavy Duty StoreWALL Panel is not stocked in Canada at this time, however it is readily available. Please call our Canadian office at: 403-519-0074 from 7:30am to 6pm MST Monday through Friday for details.

The StoreWALL Heavy Duty Slatwall Panels are extremely strong, versatile and a beautiful storage panel for very demanding applications. StoreWALL Heavy Duty Slatwall Panels are significantly denser and therefore stronger and more substantial than conventional wall panels, waterproof, easily cleaned and recyclable

The StoreWALL Heavy Duty Slatwall Panels have a patented profile, designed to accept the exclusive Install Strip (sold separately) for easy installation and a beautiful fastener free appearance. They can also be installed using the ‘screw thru the panel’ method using colour matched drywall screws. The Heavy Duty Slatwall panels are molded, solid core, so the color and finish goes throughout the panel. Panels carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

StoreWALL Heavy Duty Slatwall Panels are sold in 8′ lengths in cartons of 4 panels 15″ x 96″ long covering 40 square feet. Panels are available in your choice of 5 designer colors and wood grains.

Easy Installation. InstallStrips are sold separately and use your #6 screws. Each 8′ panel uses 5 InstallStrip. Be sure to order the proper InstallStrips for your particular application, either Standard or Heavy Duty. if you install using the Color Matched Screws and fasten each panel from the front. (approximately 30 screws per 8′ panel)

Our Graphite Steel finish is a unique metallic surface treatment, very similar to that found on an automobile. The substructure is solid PVC as are all storeWALL wall panels. Please note the metallic effect is only on the surface and if gouged deep enough, just like an automobile, the gouge may show. Thus we encourage reasonable care and handling be exercised when choosing our Graphite Steel wall panels.

If we are out of stock on any item or color, please call us, 403-519-0074 …we will probably have some insight or alternate product suggestions.

All Pricing is in CAD and all product ships from one of two warehouses in Canada