Storewall Slatwall storage & organization documents & install instructions, are just what you need when looking for the right hook for the right job. Need specifications on the wall panels and the hook capacities, No problem, you have come to the right place.

The Heavy Duty panels are the strongest panels on on the market, incredibly rugged and waterproof. Ideal for the most demanding applications from garages, to boathouses, offices to showrooms. Do you have an area that is high in moisture, no problem as our panels are 100% Waterproof.

Got a question on how to install the panels, no problem. Our detail video and panel installation guide will have your wall going up in no time.

Storewall Slatwall storage & organization documents & install instructions are here for you, to help make your installation as simple as possible, rendering your life a little easier in a world where nothing is easy. We understand that you may have questions and may not be able to reach your sales agent at the moment when you are is going up. That’s why we have provided.

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