Organize my Space with StoreWALL Slatwall garage storage and organization systems.

Begin to Organize my Space with the patented StoreWALl installation strips. One person can easily install the wall system on virtually any surface. Installations have superior strength from the added contact points and are cost effective. You can add or change panels at any time. The patented Install Strip have no visible screws or fasteners, resulting in a clean looking and versatile storage system.

From there select either the Heavy Duty StoreWALL Slatwall panel or the Standard Duty Slatwall panels in your preferred colour and hang them on the install strips. You are almost organized and you can see the light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel.

Once your panels have been installed, you need to select the accessory hooks, baskets and bins. Place them where you want them and then engage the CamLok system to firmly lock your accessory to the panel. This chrome plated solid metal CamLok gives you the advantage of safety, security and protection. All the StoreWALL accessories are equipped with the Camlok technology and you can rest assured that your belongings will not fall off the wall and end up in heap on your floor. We offer peace of mind.

The only thing left to do at this point is to begin arranging your personal items in a suitable locations where they will be easily accessible when you need them. Need to grab a snow shovel, it;s right there on the StoreWALL HD Tool hook. Need to plug the car in so it will start in the morning, your extension cord is neat wound up around the StoreWALL HD Utility Hook. Grab your snowboard off the wall where is has been hanging undamaged since your last trip to the mountains. Or maybe you have an early tee time so lets grab a couple of sleeves of balls from one of the many StoreWALL baskets,, pull your clubs down off the wall and load them into the car so you can throw the entire lot into the water hazard on the fifteenth hole! StoreWALL won’t fix your golf game, but it will make it a lot easier to be organized leaving the house in a hurry and at least give a fighting chance at the personal best score! Your Organized my Space made it possible!