Garage Storage and More

Garage Storage and More is an experienced remodeler and garage organization business in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Jeff Hickcox, the owner, is both a craftsman and designer. He plans space, lays floors, builds cabinets and installs wall storage.

garage storage overview
Jeff’s projects begin as scale models. If more storage is needed in the future, panels can be added to the system.

For Jeff, the garage is more than a whole-house closet. It is a home entry for cars and people that is attractive along with providing organization. With Jeff’s planning there is space for your:

An added advantage of garage storage is easy access from the home interior or exterior. Camping supplies go directly to the car. Sports equipment isn’t hauled through the house, banging through doors and walls on the way. Everything is at hand, unlike an off-site storage facility.

garage cabinets and wall storage
A mixture of cabinets and wall storage gives easy access to everyday items while keeping the clutter at bay

The garage has versatile space to utilize. There are 2 basic storage categories for the garage; cabinets and wall storage. Cabinets are shelves behind doors, they hide the clutter. Wall storage is space for long handle tools like shovels and rakes. There is small parts storage for the shop and hobbies. There is space for totes, enclosed seasonal storage, that can be carried from closet to garage.

Think of it as the whole-home closet with room for the car.

garage entry storage
A garage with a hard floor coating. Note the lower cabinets to the right which provide seating for boots and hooks for coats.

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