3 Steps to Rethink Basement Storage

Our basements can all too easily become a dumping ground for every piece of junk and clutter we think we might need someday, or just don’t want to make a decision about right now.

Plus, this space is often one of the largest storage areas in your home.

Put these two facts together, and you can easily accumulate a mound of stuff in this space, to the point where you can’t find anything.

We’re going to help change the way you use your basements, to get both as much living space and storage space out of them as possible and with these 3 super easy steps, you’ll be using your basement as a livable space again in a matter of no time.

Step 1: The first step is to declutter by removing unnecessary and any items that you no longer wish to keep. Be sure to donate and recycle as appropriate.

Step 2: The second step in basement organization is to make a plan for how you want to use utilize your basement.

There are three types of basement zones:

– Utility

– Storage

– Living Area

Step 3: The third step is to sort and place your items (in their appropriate zones) where they belong in an organized fashion. The two things to keep in mind when dealing with basement organization are keeping like items together and accessibility.

So, there you have it! Basement storage and organization is a piece of cake, right?!


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