Garden Retail Display – The “WOW” Factor!

There’s no doubt about it – making the most of a retail display means being strategic about how you design the space and organize your merchandise. And, a well-organized retail display can save time, energy and money.

America’s Best Flowers of Cottage Grove, WI needed organization and display options for every garden tool, gadget and plant supply. The solution was 100 feet of storeWALL.

StoreWALL was chosen because of its strength and durability. Water and moisture is a major consideration in this environment. StoreWALL is WATERPROOF. And it looks like new with the wipe of a damp cloth.

Project – 8’ Rustic Cedar was installed quickly and easily with InstallSTRIPS. The storage space was optimized with storeWALL shelves and brackets that can be re-positioned anywhere on the wall in seconds. storeWALL Heavy Duty Hooks hold and secure garden implements for easy grab and go.

Storage and display shelves
storeWALL shelves and brackets  can be re-positioned anywhere on the wall in seconds.

“Our environment is extremely challenging…40 degrees-to-100 degrees, and shade-to-full sun. The InstallSTRIPS that the wall panels went on worked like a jewel. It is the only way to install wall panels! It only took two men one day to install over 100 feet of wall. I have nothing but praise for storeWALL and their associates. They wanted our experience to be successful.

                                                                 – Ed Knapton, Owner of America’s Best Flowers

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