How to Make Your Winter Sports Gear Easier to Access

Instead of spending all winter cooped up inside, get out and about with fun winter activities. Now’s the perfect time of year to mix up what you have to do – such as shoveling, salting and chipping away ice – with things that you actually enjoy! Whether you like the rush of downhill skiing, snowboarding and hockey, or enjoy the slower-pace appeal of cross-country skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing, make sure you keep your equipment neat and easy to put away after a long day out.

Ice Skate storage and organization

Ice Skates. Get your ice skates off the ground to prevent a potentially dangerous tripping hazard and to keep the blades free from damage. StoreWALL single hooks make it easy to hang up your racing, figure and hockey skates, making them easy to access and keeping them – and you – safe.

Snowshoe storage

Snow Shoes. Keep your snow shoes together and organized with storeWALL single hooks. Available in 2.5″, 5″ and 7.5″ lengths, a 7.5″ hook should easily fit two snow shoes so you can grab them and go!


Hockey gear storage

Hockey Gear. Keep your skates safely hanging on hooks (see above), and use a universal hook as an innovative way to hang your hockey sticks. If you want to hang a lot of sticks, choose the longer-length, heavy duty universal hook. Plus, add a basket for your pucks, pads and helmet.

Snowboard wall storage

Snowboards. A ‘PTH’ hook makes an inventive holder for snowboards. One hook will do for a full-size snowboard, or you can use two hooks to keep your boards in place even more securely. Add a small shelf for easy access to your wax and brush.


Ski equipment storage

Ski Equipment. Store pairs of skis horizontally on two 5″ shelves spaced apart, or store them vertically by cleverly hanging each pair on a universal hook. An angled shelf can store up to three pairs of boots, a generous 12″ deep by 24″ wide basket will handle your gloves and helmet and single hooks will hold your ski poles. Check out storeWALL’s Ski Kit to get set up!

Keep your winter sports gear safely stored on your wall instead of your floor – find everything you need on our Winter Sports Storage page!

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