Make the Most of the Shelves in Your Home

Whether it’s elaborate, sleek, wood, plastic, deep or shallow, when you’re organizing your spaces, nothing is quite as simple and functional as well-placed shelving. Shelves are possibly the easiest way to make use of your wall space to keep your prized possessions on display or to store items, getting them off your floors, tables and counters. And unlike cabinets that require you to open doors, shelves are perfect for keeping the things you use all the time within easy reach.

So what are the best ways to make the most of your shelving? Here are a few tips and tricks for more effective shelf use:

Being shallow can be a good thing. Using shelves that are way too big for the items you need to store is a giant waste of space, and an effective organization killer. Keep shelves the proper size – use shelves that are as deep as the items you want to put on them.

If you need to reach behind an item to get to something else, you risk knocking or pulling things off the shelf you didn’t want to. If items fall off your cluttered shelf they can break, or even worse, they can cause injury.

storeWALL shelf depths
Keep shelves the proper size – use shelves that are as deep as the items you want to put on them.

StoreWALL offers a variety of convenient shelf depths that can help you properly store all of the things you need where you need them:

  • Use a 5″ deep shelf for small items such as spices, picture frames or bottles of household cleaners. They come in different lengths to fit all your spaces and mount easily into storeWALL wall panels without the need for support. This makes it a breeze to move the shelves here or there if you want to reorganize!
  • 10″ deep shelves are perfect for bigger items such as cereal boxes and books of all sizes, or choose 15″ deep shelves for large items such as kitchen appliances, soda cases or laundry baskets. These 10″ and 15″ deep shelves install easily with storeWALL brackets and can be cut to custom lengths using conventional woodworking tools. The shelves are also reversible – flip them over and they’re trays with 1/4” lips to keep your things in place!

Don’t let them buckle under pressure. The internet is a great tool for spreading new, creative ideas, and you’ll see lots of clever do-it-yourself shelving concepts on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and more. While many of these ideas look great, you have to sometimes wonder how much the shelves can actually hold before they rip out of your wall and dump everything sitting on them onto the ground.

Heavy items on a shelf

Make sure any shelf you hang is rated to safely hold the amount of weight you want to set on it. StoreWALL shelves are made from lightweight thermoplastic that’s also incredibly strong. And because they don’t require installation into your drywall, there’s no chance of them being attached insecurely – setting them up with storeWALL brackets is easy and safe.


Make a minimalist work surface. There are probably spaces in your home where you could use a work area, but don’t need a desk the size of a swimming pool. The more surface area you have, the more things have a tendency to pile up and create clutter. Use a 15″ deep shelf as a quick, easy and space-saving work area in your craft room, basement, garage, pantry – you name it!

Shelf work surface
Use a 15″ deep shelf as a quick, easy and space-saving work area.









Learn more about convenient, secure storeWALL shelving – perfect for every area of your home.

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