Laundry Area Organization with storeWALL

Love it or loathe it – the laundry must be done. Either way, the trick is to make it feel less like work, with smarter ways to sort, space-saving ways to dry and simpler ways to organize. Line-dry only clothes, baskets and hampers, bottles and boxes of laundry detergent and fabric softener – these items are everywhere.

The ultimate goal is to have something simple, functional, yet stylish.

Experience storeWALL – the simplest storage anywhere!

From simple ideas to complex storage tips and more, storeWALL has solutions your family needs to save time and money. storeWALL can surely help you jump-start your laundry organization project.

StoreWALL panels are waterproof and chemical resistant, the perfect storage system for areas that get humid and wet. A durable, attractive panel that also provides the versatility to place storage accessories anywhere on the panel.

laundry storage ShelfstoreWALL shelves allow you to keep detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets up and out of the way. The best place for a shelf is over the top of the laundry machines. If you have a stacked washer and dryer, place a shelf next to it. You can store laundry baskets, and you’ll have a countertop that’s perfect for sorting and folding.


All storeWALL accessories feature the exclusive CamLok™ for safety and security.

Iron board wall mountstoreWALL hooks offer a way to keep the ironing board and other items such as brooms and mops off of the floor and ready for immediate use. For laundry items you can’t tumble dry, it’s better to have a place to hang them. Then, you don’t have to lay them on chairs in your kitchen or living room.


Given a bright, well-organized area with plenty of laundry room storage space, folding and sorting clothes can be a pleasure. And with your new found glory, you’ll also have time for the other things in your life… like sky-diving.

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