6 Simple Steps to Craft Area Organization

If you took stock of all of the supplies in your craft area or room, you’re going to have at least 10-pages with all different types of papers, writing instruments, ribbons, stamps, buttons, stickers, etc. etc. etc. And with all of that on hand, we can easily come up with over 100 tips and tricks for you to organize it all.

But let’s keep it short and sweet with just a few ideas to refresh and inspire!

Utilize wall space – pvc slatwall and its accessories can be perfect for holding an assortment of crafts supplies. Hooks for slatwall come in various shapes and sizes, so select ones that will easily hold the items you plan to store.

Craft caddies – you’ll always have your supplies at hand with a portable caddy. It is perfect for keeping supplies tidy and ready to move.

Clever closet storage – turn the back of a closet door into a crafty storage space with a peg rack for spools of threads and ribbons.

Drawer dividers –  put some logic and order to the infamous ”junk drawer”, all while keeping the essentials easy to find and easy to reach.

Hang it up! Keep gift wrap and crafts supplies organized with a hanging wire caddy. Hang one for wrapping supplies and a second one for crafting supplies.

Box it up! Embellishments such as buttons, beads, stickers can go into containers like pillboxes and other compartmentalized organizers that are sold pretty much everywhere.

Whether it’s your hobby or your livelihood, crafting requires space. A well thought-out craft space can reap its own many rewards, so don’t spend any more time finding the materials and embellishments for your project than actually making it.

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