Transform Your Craft Area with These Creative Tricks

Whether it’s a full room or a corner in the basement, we all have a space where we like to tackle creative, do-it-yourself projects. If you like drawing, painting, knitting, scrapbooking or even just need a space to store your supplies for wrapping gifts, there are plenty of simple options to pack a lot of supplies into a little area.

Shelves can hold paper

Craft Paper, Canvases & Books – I like printing photos and doing projects with different types of paper, and I’m always picking up spare frames from thrift stores. If you like painting you might also have a backlog of canvases. While storing papers and canvases horizontally isn’t always an option in tight spaces, using 5”, 10” and 15” shelves along with storeWALL wall panels is a great option. Use horizontal file holders to hold paper, and bookends to keeps frames, canvases and your craft books in place.

Hang wrapping paper on Hooks

Wrapping Paper – Storing wrapping or rolled paper can be a real pain, and the most common way of doing it is to keep the rolls standing in a large bin. Not only does this take up valuable floor space, but this makes it harder to view the paper patterns at-a-glance. Using hinged paper towel holders on each end of the paper roll allows you to wall-mount your wrapping paper or rolled craft paper. In addition to being convenient and saving spacing, you won’t have to worry about your paper unraveling.

rolls on hooks

Scissors & Plastic Rolls – Here’s an easy way to save valuable drawer space: keep your scissors and rolls of tape, ribbon, string, wire, fishing line and more in plain view with 2.5”, 5” or 7.5” single hooks. Choose the perfect depth for the amount of supplies you have, and keep each type of material on a single hook, side-by-side for easy crafting access. This makes it much easier to unroll the amount of material you need and cut it cleanly without having it totally unravel and create a headache.

Yarn and knitting materials

Yarn & Crochet Materials – Most people I know who knit or crochet literally keep buckets of yarn around their craft areas. It’s a pain to dig through, it’s a pain to keep untangled and it’s a pain when it’s tripped over. Using bins mounted on storeWALL wall panels makes it easier to see what supplies you have, access them or even bring the whole bin over to your work area. If you have a lot of stuff to store, think about storage totes (but don’t forget to label them!).

Craft Miscellanea –  For all of your leftover supplies, such as pens, pencils, long paintbrushes, rulers, markers, scissors, glue, spray paint and more, choose from a variety of bin and shelving options for your needs. Standard, big, jumbo and cube storage bins can keep your tools contained, and 5”, 10” and 15” shelves can be flipped over to become lipped trays. Since you can constantly adjust where the accessories fit on your storeWALL wall panels, your organization options are truly endless.

Don’t let your artistic side make your studio space scattered – find everything you need on our Craft Room Organization Ideas page!

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