Spring is in the Air!

And it’s time to spruce up, clean up and tidy up!

Debris has a tendency to infest a yard over the course of the winter months. We know all too well that spring cleanup is a messy affair… with all of the crouching, lugging and dragging of tree branches, winter mulch and even trash that can accumulate in a yard. What’s a gardener to do but to grab your boots and gloves and head out. But after this winter, you may want to smile with the mere fact that you’re finally outside.

The key to a healthy, bountiful lawn and garden is the organization of your tools! Well, that’s our take on it anyway! Many lawn and garden tools are awkwardly shaped which make it difficult to find a storage solution. You sure don’t want to become frustrated when the times comes with having to move the wheelbarrow in order to get the lawn mower out. And you don’t want spend money on another trowel, just because you can’t find yours. There are lots of ideas and techniques to help you keep your garden tools in order, so let’s get to it!

  • Utilize Wall Space

PVC slatwall and its accessories can be perfect for holding an assortment of garden tools and supplies. Incredibly strong, rugged and waterproof, pvc wall panels are ideal for the most demanding applications.Most accessories allow you to keep your things in place yet allows for easy repositioning of the hooks and your stuff.

  • Keep Hand Tools Handy

Long-handled tools are best stored vertically on wall hooks. This way, they’re out of the way when you’re not using them, but also easily accessible when you need them. There are a variety of racks, straps and anchors on the market to help in this area.

  • Invest in Shelves and/or Cabinets

Adjustable shelves provide and open storage concept, and can give flexibility to match shelf height to tools. Storage cabinetsoffer enclosedstorage and organization options.

  • Hoses and Cords

A happy solution to tangle-free storage of bulky garden hoses, extension cords, rope and wire. Simply wrap these items on a large hook, making it easy to find and getting it out from underfoot.

  • Tool Caddies

You’ll always have your supplies at hand with a portable caddy.Store your frequently used small impalements such as shears, knee pads, garden gloves and a favorite reference book. It’s quick and easy to grab to caddy with what you need and get right to work.

There is a certain skill behind creating and caring for the perfect spring garden and lawn that requires patience, love, attention to detail… and of course, organization! There may be no greater satisfaction to a gardener than watching your spring garden bloom.

So let storeWALL help you! The storeWALL Garden Kit includes everything you need for a quick installation in less than 10 minutes! Check it out here!

storeWALL has accessories to organize your garden implements; hooks, brackets, bins, baskets and shelves quickly reorganize and are locked in place. With a simple twist, the Camlok locks the accessory in place, insuring that your tools stay on the wall and not on the floor. The possibilities are endless with storeWALL!


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