4 Main Ways to Store More for Less Mess

Simply put, there are four main types of storage that help get your belongings in order to clean up your everyday life. In some cases, you may want to hide items from view or protect them from the elements and possible damage. In other cases you may want items in the open for easy access. Often times a mix of bin, cabinet, drawer and wall storage will help fit every need you have, though there are pros and cons for some options. Here are some considerations for each type of storage.

Bin Storage

As I went over a while ago, bin storage is handy for seasonal items. You can find bins in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, they’re easy to stack and store, they stand up to the elements and they protect your items better than simple cardboard boxes. Use bin storage more effectively by color-coding the bins for the season, and moving them to the easiest areas to access for the proper time of year. The cost can add up if you need a bunch of them (compared to cardboard boxes), so keep a lookout for sales at your local home improvement stores.

Drawer Storage

Whether it’s a dresser, coffee table, desk or kitchen cabinet, we all store items in drawers. An upside of drawer storage is that items are out of sight and protected from dust or damage. Drawers also (usually) allow you to pull them far enough out to get to contents far in back; but be sure not to pull the drawer all the way out of the slide if there isn’t a stop. There are a variety of finish and hardware options available if you’re looking to update the style of existing furniture, and you can even further organize drawers with adjustable dividers and silverware holders. I’ve added silverware holders to my desk drawers for holding pens, pencils and other office supplies and they work amazingly well.

Cabinet Storage

Cabinets are enclosed to protect your items and usually allow you to adjust the shelves to store a variety of large-sized items. Like drawers, you can updates the finish and hardware styles if you’d like to give them a more modern look, but unlike drawers, you can’t slide the contents out. For deep cabinets below waist level, this can be a real pain – you may have to get on your hands and knees and move things away from the front to get to the back of the cabinet. However, many home improvement stores now sell organizers that you can install into existing cabinets. They essentially add pull-out trays that make it easier to store pots and pans, cleaning supplies, tools and more to help you take full advantage of your cabinet space.

Wall Storage

When you’re short on floor space and want everything at hand, wall storage is your best option. Cheaper than adding new cabinet or drawer systems and easier to access than stackable bins, vertical storage allows you to keep your items and supplies on shelves, hooks and baskets that are easily adjustable. Open-storage lets you see everything at hand so you won’t need to open drawers, cabinet doors and bin lids to remember what’s inside of them. Shelves come in a wide range of sizes to hold and display your belongings, and hooks let you store tools like rakes and shovels, or sporting goods like tennis rackets or skis (to name just a few).

There are always ways to get more organized so you can take advantage of the space you have. Find innovative options for your home with storeWALL storage solutions.

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