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Fort San Felipe Del Morro in San Juan is a 16th century citadel and is also the oldest structure in the National Park system. The Fort sits at the furthest point on the peninsula protecting San Juan bay. The history of the Fort is important; it has United Nations World Heritage Site status.

The call came from Karen who works with an organization called Eastern National. Her organization manages special events at the Fort, but they also manage the visitors’ shop and its educational materials, books and souvenirs.

Eastern National needed a display solution. High humidity and termites are simply part of the rain forest environment and they needed a rugged system that could withstand those elements.

display wall storageStoreWALL provided that display solution. Our panels are virtually indestructible, waterproof, recyclable and easily cleaned. Karen chose storeWALL Heavy Duty Rustic Cedar because of its warm and welcoming coloring, and because it compliments any architectural design, from turn-of-the-century to contemporary.

StoreWALL is designed to be the most capable display / storage system available anywhere. You can start with one panel and one hook, and when you need more options, you can easily add on.

The Fort is nearly 500 years old and we think the storeWALL display will certainly last the next 500 years, too.

StoreWALL…the perfect solution for your historic fort, or even your tree fort!

Project was design and installed by:

Miracle Display, Inc.
La Factoria Design Group, Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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