Spring into Gardening Season with New Tool Storage

It’s finally here. After a long winter, it’s finally time to look forward to all the ways you can spruce up your yard, and to think about the flowers, plants and vegetables you’ll plant in your garden. Now’s the best time of the year to unpack your gardening gear and get all of your tools ready to go, but are you wondering what the best way to get organized is? Well, it’s a two-step process: first figure out what you need, and then figure out how to store it. Luckily, here are some tips you can use to get set for springtime using storeWALL hooks, baskets and shelves, along with their heavy duty wall panels.

Long Handled Tools

Garden tool storage on tool hookIf you’re into gardening, chances are you have more than one type of shovel. Luckily, hanging all of them on the wall to save floor space is as easy as choosing a tool hook to fit into your slatwall. These handy hooks can hold up to four shovels, pitchforks or rakes all in the same place! For larger long-handled tools like weed trimmers, choose a cradle hook to conveniently hang them on their own.

Bulky Tools

Bulky Tools on Storage ShelfThere are some items that are hard to find a home for – chainsaws and leaf blowers top that list. They’re both long and wide, and generally have a tank for fuel which can make them rather unbalanced. Fortunately, hanging them (and anything with a handle) on a HD universal hook keeps them safely stored yet available for use. Another option is to store each item on its own 15″ shelf – then you’ll never worry about bumping into them. Add another shelf to get your gasoline off the floor and keep your fuel nearby.

Trowels, Gloves & More

hose storageFor your smaller hand tools, gloves, hats, lawn bags and more, add wire shallow baskets to hold everything in one place. If you have designated shoes or boots to wear in the dirt, choose an angle shelf for your footwear storage. Plus, nothing keeps hoses untangled and better stored than a utility hook!


Get outside, enjoy the weather and stay organized at the same time. Check out these helpful videos for more storage tips, and find everything you need at storeWALL.com.

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