Motorcycle and Equipment Storage

If nearly perfectly paved, often twisty roads, wooded scenery, lots of lakes and a great storage solution, all sounds like a good formula for your motorcycle enthusiasm…we think so too!

Your motorcycle may be one of your most prized possessions, so of course you’re going to keep the bike maintained, running at peak performance and looking good. Therefore, your motorcycle stuff should have its own designated space.

Take care of your bike and you’ll have miles of smiles!

Helmets save lives! So take care of that helmet – don’t damage it by simply hanging it off of the handlebars. Storage options can be as simple as a helmet hook and/or a helmet bay, which both will do the trick nicely. 

Your motorcycle clothing can hang on a straight hook or folded and placed on a shelf or rack – for quick grab and go.

Motorcycle helmet storage
A vented shelf allows damp items to dry.

For everything else, from battery chargers to saddlebags and gloves to goggles, the storage and organization options are endless. Baskets, bins, totes, shelves, racks and cabinets will store these items which might otherwise create clutter.

As for the motorcycle itself, find a good place to store the motorcycle. Keep it away from extreme temperatures — which pretty much means keep it inside, if possible. Most important, don’t put the bike somewhere where it’ll get knocked over. Find a smooth, level place that’s out of the way.

Motorcycle accessory storage
Don’t lose track of your equipment – creating a storage ‘zone’ will keep everything together.

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