Paper Towel Holder

Finally, a paper towel holder that works! And, it’s attractive and unobtrusive, too!

A simple design that uses gravity and friction to keep your stuff on the holder, and off the floor. Holds standard 12” rolls of paper or shop towels. Keep paper towels handy for quick and easy cleanup.

Best of all – it’s equipped with storeWALL’s patented metal CamLok™ – just twist and lock. This handy little feature offers quick and easy relocation of the hook, too! Peace of mind that your things are safe and secure on the wall panels.

This paper towel holder not only looks great, but it is easy to load – just slide the towel roll on and off. No parts to lose or break.

The bracket and soft-touch covering keeps just enough tension on the roll so you can tear off just what you need…no runaway rolls! Select one towel or three.

Handy to have in your garage, kitchen, mudroom, office, break room, or any other space where paper towels are needed to clean up spills and messes. Home organization at its finest!

Our paper towel holder is so strong and versatile many people use it to also store spools of ropes, chains and wires. If sports are your thing, it can even hold a snow board!

Ribbon holder
For the crafty folks, it can also store rolls of stickers, threads and ribbons.

In addition it can be used as a pair for more organization and storage functions; with two hooks, “everything” is visible and within easy reach for when you need it most.

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