Slatwall Panels

Slatwall panels are solid panels with rows of horizontal slots, into which you can attach hooks, bins, baskets, shelves and cabinets. Slatwall has been a mainstay of the shopfitting industry for decades. The feature is simple – to reclaim floor space and maximize storage, organization and flexibility.

They are as attractive as they are functional, and provides the foundation for your total storage solutions. A single strip, a whole wall and/or anything in-between.

The strong, durable, maintenance-free construction will allow them to last for years.

Most wall panels are fully integrated and expandable storage systems that combine a stylish and durable wall panel with a growing assortment of functional storage products and accessories.

The more popular panels on the market are made of a PVC material. Engineered to replace traditional wood or MDF slatwall panels, PVC panels are waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and versatile enough to adapt to your needs so they work in virtually any environment.

Wall storage keeps items off the ground and in top shape

Residential slatwall panels initially started out to be a garage feature to organize tools, lawn equipment, gardening supplies, sports equipment and much more. However, the concept quickly expanded into other markets and areas of the home. Consumers found that the walls panels and accessories were attractive enough to put order in the kitchen, basement, utility room, or anywhere you simply want to organize your things and eliminate clutter.



Load capacity and panel dimensions typically vary among manufactures. The low end of the spectrum holds approximately 25 lbs. per sq. foot, and the high end, the Heavy Duty panel line from storeWALL, holds approximately 100 lbs. per sq. ft. The wall panels are typically easy to install and are most panel brands are compatible with standard slat wall accessories.

The storage systems can organize everything from pantry items to craft items and children’s toys to office supplies.

Wall panels also serve other functions, from providing display exhibits in museums and galleries to portable or temporary wall panels that can be used to divide a spaces.

StoreWALL™ is the industry leader in product quality, customer service and unique solutions for every wall storage and organization project.

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