storeWALL Project – Café Manna

Café Manna is one of the first 100% vegetarian restaurants in Southeastern Wisconsin. Ingredients are grown either organically or using sustainable farming practices whenever possible.

storeWALL was installed above a prep table for the quick “grab and go” of hanging kitchen utensils. Anything that the staff would need is plainly visible and is easily accessible. Creating a layout with a good work flow vastly improved the efficiency of the entire kitchen and dining experience.

“If you need your kitchenware in the same place and all at the same time, storeWALL is exactly what you need”. – Bill Phelps, Chef – Café Manna

restaurant storage

The versatility of the panels and hooks quickly change the functions of the area at any given moment. The area can now be used by the Sous chef, pastry chef, salad preparers, as well as the wait staff; with everything they all need at their fingertips.

The ability to quickly and easily clean the storage and prep areas is essential in busy restaurant environment.

A little bit of storeWALL, a big organization solution!

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