Love Your Tack Room Like You Love Riding

Tack rooms don’t need to look tacky, and they certainly shouldn’t be disaster areas. Instead of rummaging through tack trunks and messy piles of gear, create an organized, attractive tack room that you can be proud of. With storeWALL panels and accessories, you can make use of your walls to keep everything in the right spot while saving valuable floor space. Our supremely versatile shelves, hooks and specialty accessories can be arranged in a wide variety of ways and can be moved at any time. Here are some great storeWALL supplies that will revolutionize how you organize your tack space:

  1. Wall Panels. These panels are the foundation of the storeWALL organization system and will stand up to years of use and abuse. Choose Brite White, Dover White or Weathered Gray for a clean look in your tack room, or Global Pine or Rustic Cedar to bring the outdoors in. Plus, these panels install easily without fasteners on virtually any surface!
  2. Saddle Holders. Keep saddles on display and within easy reach. These heavy-duty holders can be attached to storeWALL panels without tools, secure for support and move easily when you need them to. They’re also vented, allowing your saddles to dry quickly, preventing mold and mildew!
  3. Storage Hooks. storeWALL has the perfect hook for you. Cradle hooks are excellent for neatly holding harnesses and leads. An s-hook is handy for storing long-handled tools, and a tool hook can hold not just one, but up to four shovels, rakes, or pitchforks. Add a utility hook for handy storage of hoses until you need them for cleanup. And there are even more options available!
  4. Shelving. These lightweight shelves are incredibly strong and will easily support the tack gear you throw on them. They’re waterproof like most other storeWALL accessories, so you can use your grooming items and simply let them sit out to dry. They’ll stand up to most chemicals as well, so you can use them to keep your cleaning supplies close at hand without worry! 

An organized tack room is a beautiful thing – Explore more storeWALL Tack Ideas

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