Storage Containers – Organize with labels

Plastic storage bins and totes are a great way to organize your home and/or office.

The containers are versatile, stackable and can be used to store items in the garage, basement, office, attic or closets. Colored bins are good for storing seasonal items. Green bins for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween. Choose clear or translucent bins to identify contents quickly.

Some plastic containers come with a built-in label slot, but if you need to, labeling your plastic storage containers can be accomplished in many ways and will save you a lot of time when searching through them later.

Labeling ideas:

  • Label maker
  • Write on labels/stickers
  • Strips of masking/painter’s tape
  • Index cards (plain white or colors to group like categories)
  • Type a list of contents and put the list on the inside of the totes (works best with clear/translucent bins and totes).
  • Clear label/shipping sleeves – easy to slide/change your label in and out.

With just a few minutes and little effort, labeling your plastic storage containers will make your organizational heart happy, as well as your piece of mind.

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