storeWALL InstallStrip


The InstallStrip is a 45-inch high metal strip, designed to simplify installation of storeWALL wall panels. The exclusive InstallStrip can be used with one to three 15” high panels or used in multiples to create any size wall. So that the strip can be used in a variety of installations, there are ‘break-points’ designed into the InstallStrip. The break-points allow the InstallStrip to be separated into shorter sections for one or two panel installations. In order to turn a 45” strip into a smaller strip, simply ‘snap’ the InstallStrip at a breakpoint.

Professional installation for wall storage

The advantages of using the InstallStrip are significant.

  • installstripThe InstallStrip makes any installation fast and easy. Installations that typically required 2 people can now be done by 1 person.  And, installations can be done in about half the time.
  • The InstallStrip is extremely cost effective. It not only saves time when installing but also reduces labor costs.
  • The InstallStrip provides superior strength. With the ‘STRIP, wall panels are supported at every slot, and no one ever has to drill or mar the panel face.
  • The InstallStrip provides increased versatility. Panels can easily be changed, colors updated or a different finish selected. Panels can even be move from location to location. Of course, they can also be permanently affixed.
  • With the InstallStrip, all screws and fasteners are attached directly in the strip and not into the wall panel. There are NO EXPOSED FASTENERS OR SCREWS. The end result will be a incredibly strong, versatile and beautiful storage wall, a welcome addition to any environment.



wall panels with hidden hangersInstallStrips are fastened to the wall with screws, nails or any conventional fastener. Hand tools, nail guns or power tools can be used. Installation can be on any wall or surface. Install on concrete, block, steel studs, wood studs and on drywall.


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