Ways to Keep Your Work Room Neat (Some That You Probably Never Thought Of)

When your tools are easy to access, your project goes smoother – period. Just ask my brother-in-law. He’s a handy guy, but he has tools in his basement, in his attic, in his garage, in his kitchen drawers…and when he needs something, he’s never able to find it. It annoys him, and my sister. Getting a project done in 1/3 of the time can be as easy as creating a designated work room or tool space so you have everything you need in one spot. Here are a few smart tool organization ideas using storeWALL panels, hooks, baskets and accessories for efficient wall storage.

work-shelfUse a shelf as a work bench. storeWALL’s oversized 15” shelf is a great option as a makeshift work bench. It’s just big enough to give you significant room to work, but small enough to save precious space. Plus, you can easily adjust how high you want it and where you want it on the wall in minutes.


Custom tool storage shelfMake a modified tool holder. Digging around for the right screwdriver in a toolbox is a time waster. Instead, drill holes in a storeWALL 5” ledge shelf so you have easy access to all your screwdrivers at-a-glance. There’s really no downside – you can always store your bottles and cans of cleaners on the shelf even after the holes are drilled.

Magnetic tool holderHarness the power of magnetism. I have a magnetic knife holder in my kitchen, and it makes cooking a breeze while freeing up drawer space. Use a storeWALL magnetbar to get the same done in your workspace – you can hang screwdrivers, wrenches, chisels or small items nearly flush against the wall and keep them in place.

Tool bin storageAdd baskets and bins for extra security. storeWALL shallow baskets and open bins are excellent for tools that can fit on a shelf, but that you want to keep contained. That way no cords will dangle, no blades will be exposed and nothing will fall out if you accidentally knock it.


Paper towel holderSolutions for the odds and ends. Keep all of your bulky cleaning supplies on heavy-duty 10” storeWALL shelf – they’re rated for 100 lbs. Store multiple brooms efficiently on HD universal hooks, a fire extinguisher on a cradle hook, and keep paper towels in easy reach with a paper towel holder.


Tool storage is just the beginning – find out how to organize every space in your home with storeWALL.

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